Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) are foundational architectures emerging in both technical interoperability and global enterprise contexts. The expectation that these technologies can deliver peer-to-peer, trust-based services in the low-trust environment of disintermediated global digital trade is ambitious. The added expectation that they also meet complex regulation and compliance requirements is a game-changer. This is the context in which blockchain technical standards are being written – with high-impact ramifications on the European Union’s strategic autonomy.

Drawing from this, the Webinar will be the opportunity to present two brand new European funded projects – BlockStand and SEEBLOCKS – aiming to support European interests in standardisation in the Blockchain/DLT domain and, in accordance with the European Blockchain strategy, to specifically promote:

  • Increase of funding for research and innovation
  • Blockchain skills development
  • Supporting of interoperability and standards
  • Sustainable blockchain
  • Stronger engagement with the EU community & correlated players (EBSI, EBP, EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum..)

BlockStand is a new building block for EU leadership in global blockchain standardisation, ensuring the reflection of European values in internationally used standards. Over a two-year cycle, the project will feature a Blockchain Standardisation platform, a web-based one-stop-shop for any stakeholders to connect and find all resources on blockchain standardisation. An ongoing Experts’ Selection Process will also be launched, with €400.000 available for European experts’ participation in technical committees as well as for other blockchain-related standardisation activities. is a 24-month Digital Europe Programme project that aims at delivering a targeted, democratic, industry-driven initiative to support European interests in standardisation within the Blockchain/DLT domain, bringing together EU researchers and open standards specialists, along with industry and policy experts with the primary goal to provide a tangible contribution to the presence of European players in International Blockchain/DLT standardisation, through 4 recurring Selecting and Engaging Procedures (SEPs).

The event will kick off with a presentation of the European Commission’s policy overview on blockchain standardisation, and the correlated European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) ecosystem.


Alexander Chourreau – Welcome and introduction 

Jose Manuel Panizo Plaza  IT Product Officer at European Commission D3.002 – DG DIGIT – Slides

Justina Bieliauskaite – Innovation Director @ European DIGITAL SME Alliance / BlockStand Project Coordinator – Slides

Silvana Muscella – CEO at Trust-IT / Project – Slides

Fiona Delaney – CEO at Origin Chain Networks; Co-editor ISO TR6277 Data flow model for DLT use cases and EUOS Blockchain TWG Chair – Slides

Ismael Arribas – INATBA Co-Chair for Standards Committee & Convenor for ISO TC307 WG 3 Smart Contracts – Slides

Rita Meneses – Questions & Answers moderation

Who Should Attend

  • Blockchain stakeholders from national/local authorities
  • Researchers and academics in Blockchain fields
  • ICT specialists and professionals working in the Blockchain & DLT domain
  • Representatives of standards developing organisations
  • Representatives of national standards associations
  • Blockchain Hubs & Networks