• As part of their activities within BlockStand, Validvent is conducting a mapping exercise focused on Custody Solutions within the Blockchain and DLT industry.

The survey is open to all interested stakeholders, organisations and SMEs working with custodian solutions. The data collected will contribute to the comprehensive mapping exercise and will inform the key related documents as a direct output of the activity. In particular:

  • The Technical Report on Custody Solutions Framework and landscape aims to thoroughly examine the contemporary landscape of custodian services within the blockchain and DLT industry. It critically assesses the practical implementation of custody, considering aspects such as the safekeeping of cryptographic keys, control over digital assets, or a blend of both in alignment with the MiCA regulation. Grounded in the contributions received from the survey, it will contain a detailed analysis of the existing technologies, operational models, and regulatory frameworks in the context of custody, aiming to identify areas of unclarity and ambiguity. Finally, the report will propose enhancements and recommendations to contribute to a more transparent and standardised approach to custody services as well as provide a taxonomy of custody services.
  • A series of Blog Posts Explaining Technical Work will detail the technical aspects of the proposed custody standards (IEEE 2140.5; IEEE Standard for General Requirements for Cryptocurrency Exchanges; IEEE 2140.2-2021 and IEEE 2140.4-2023 ) and their industry impact. These posts will demystify the complexities surrounding the concept of custody in blockchain, aiming to educate a wide audience and harmonise industry perceptions and practices.

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