BlockStand is actively supporting the participation of EU experts in Blockchain and DLT standardisation activities, with a focus on international leadership, encapsulating EU values and digital sovereignty in the process.

The project supports the participation of European standardisation experts through the management of an open and transparent selection process, whereby the contributions to European (or international) standardisation are proposed by the experts engaged in the project. The aim is to engage with 40 experts for a total of 100 expert contributions.

Applications are being evaluated on a rolling basis with cut-offs every 2 months, starting from the first one that closed on the 15th of September.

Expert contributions can vary from a technical report to a research study, a new work item, active participation of a Technical Committee or Working Group, or any related standardisation activity that meets the evaluation criteria. Experts are invited to propose either short or long-term contributions, defined as:

  1. short-term contribution – defined as one-time deliverables, which can be accomplished within limited time (3 months), and have to result in one concrete output;
  2. long-term contributions – defined as contributions which require a longer-term engagement (up to 12 months), whereby a continuous process and/or follow-up is needed, and which should result in 2 to 3 overall contributions.

For each deliverable, the expert will be provided a lump-sum of 4000 Euro/contribution.

Who are the targets of BlockStand’s selection process?

In a nutshell, the applying experts shall satisfy the following criteria:

  • be individuals or natural persons residing in European Member States and are affiliated to entities established (or having significant business interests) in the EU Member States;
  • Have profound knowledge in Blockchain and DLT standardisation activities;
  • Have experience regarding developments of standards, e.g., in SDOs, in reputable European or international organisations and Standardisation communities;
  • Are not already receiving financial support for the same proposed activities.


If you need further assistance, please contact us by email at: