• A new EU-funded project, BlockStand, has been launched supporting participation of European experts in blockchain standardisation activities
  • BlockStand is a new building block for EU leadership in global blockchain standardisation, ensuring the reflection of European values in internationally used standards
  • Over a two-year cycle, the project will feature a Blockchain Standardisation platform, a web-based one-stop-shop for any stakeholders to connect and find all resources on blockchain standardisation
  • An Experts Selection Process will be launched in July 2023, with €400.000 available for European experts’ participation in technical committees and for other blockchain-related standardisation activities

Blockchain is a crucial technology to the EU’s industrial leadership on the international level. At times of increasing geopolitical strife, EU values and standards should not be taken for granted; on blockchain standardisation, BlockStand will play its part. Through the completion of its objectives, BlockStand will not only enable European leadership in global blockchain standardisation but will also ensure that internationally used blockchain standards reflect European values. By coordinating experts’ input and reflecting SMEs’ needs in blockchain standardisation activities, the project is an essential means to prop up Europe’s strategic autonomy.

To this extent, an Experts Selection Process will be launched in the beginning of July. With a total funding amount of €400.000, applicants can receive support for their active participation in relevant technical committees, or for any other blockchain-related standardisation activity. Other outcomes include a Standardisation Gaps & Recommendations Atlas, a European Blockchain Standardisation Roadmap, and a European Blockchain Leadership Outlook. An Executive Management Board, comprised of high-level experts in the blockchain field, will also provide strategic steering to the project.

BlockStand will create an online blockchain community platform comprised of all relevant stakeholders. Its aim is threefold: support the implementation of the Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation chapter on blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), reinforce links with the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) and the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP), and finally support participation of European standardisation experts in international and European standard developing organisations.

Stakeholders are invited to submit their interests and get together through this new leading project, and drive the European blockchain standardisation community. For regular updates about the funding calls and other pertinent information, a preliminary expression of interest to the project can already be submitted.

The BlockStand project is funded by the European Union under grant agreement no. 101102757

Press contact:

Lucas Asmelash (Communications Officer)